About Us

B3 Technology Company Limited

B3 Technology Company Limited was born from the intention of Khun Kitisak Prachyaraksa, a Managing Director with expertise. And in the IT industry for more than 20 years in consulting, system design, planning, software development to meet customer needs For government agencies and the private sector

We intend to bring technology To help design solutions to suit businesses And meet the needs of customers Can be used easily And able to create value-added for customers To increase competitiveness And apply it to maximum efficiency

B3 Technology which has experience and expertise. In consultation with leading organizations In the insurance business Banking Finance And telecommunication business

Build Business Beyond

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life”


The company was established by a group of executives who have expertise and experience in the field of computers and information technology. To engage in business as a consultant Install and design computer networks, as well as develop computer programs for customers in both the public and private sectors. By relying on the strengths of a team which has the expertise in techniques and computer science Including experience and understanding of the business gained from providing information system development services to various types of businesses, such as insurance business And banking and finance businesses, etc.

The company has given great importance to the personnel in the organization. By emphasizing on success with customers Projects must be carried out according to requirements. And the time limit is important In order to be able to meet the needs of implementing the system for maximum efficiency of customers

Business goals

Expand business to provide consulting services and develop information technology and computer software to meet the needs of each organization, which is a business that focuses on quality. Professionalism And creating value added (Value Added) in the service, which will make The company is able to avoid price competition and can maintain its growth and profitability.

Expand customer base from businesses in the private sector, including life insurance, finance, banking and telecommunication businesses. To the industry that has a growing demand for information technology services such as government agencies and state enterprises Because the government has a large budget to expand investment in information technology development work is high. The Company has a policy to participate in bidding for projects that require quality and added value of service work. The company will be able to compete by focusing on quality, not on price alone.

Development and ownership of intellectual property (Intellectual Properties) in the process of designing and developing systems and software products. This is the main strategy of the company to invest in the development and continuous improvement of products and services. This will be a income-generating asset that gives high returns to the company. And long-term investors Along with creating bargaining power and competitiveness for the company in the future

Recruit and retain quality personnel. To enable such personnel to work with the Company for the long term by providing compensation and benefits, both monetary and non-monetary, at an appropriate rate and competing with other companies. And to support personnel to progress in their own line of work by providing continuous training

Business information

The company has engaged in the business of development. And install an information system And computer program To meet the needs of use And solve customer problems Including at present the company Has operated as a consultant and information technology coordination department for Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited for the Core Insurance System Change: CISX Project in Phase 2 for more than 3 years, including a reporting project for the Issue the policy book Together with the New Business team of Thailand in collaboration with the IT department, BA, Hardware & Infrastructure, including all users involved in the project. And still got the opportunity from Thailand To be the regulator, supervising Go-Live, Core Insurance System (IL) and related peripheral systems (Peripherals) with a system that has a lot of impact and can go-Live system completely. Causing the company to understand the operation And coordination And understand the overall picture of all systems of Thailand very well Which made the company aware of the limitations And methods of managing various aspects That must be operated in conjunction with Thailand

As well as the work team that will come into operation in the project He has more than 7 years of experience in the insurance business. He has expertise in developing Web Application (Responsive) and Mobile Application systems (both iOS and Android) and has expertise in the use of Business Rule Engine. Developed by the IBM WODM program, including the BRMS for e-App and Online Sales program, I have a good experience in implementing a Rule engine program.

The company has developed a system for issuing sales reports of agency (Agency Performance), which is a dashboard display report for Thai Samsung Life Assurance Public Company Limited so that the agent can check sales in both parts Own And affiliated representatives To motivate And can accelerate the amount to meet the target set Including Thai Samsung executives can view all the information and can drill down to drill into the area of ​​interest.

The company Focused on developing a team for programming using Java and Oracle database, which is the company’s hallmark. This ensures that the system can be developed according to the needs of the customer as well.